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We create innovative and sustainable online products and services from top-notch tools, focusing on local and small businesses.
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We focus on

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Thrive together

We support, we do not compete. ο»Ώ
Our mission is to support small and local businesses because we know that economic-diversity is vital to the global economy. When small businesses do better, the world becomes a better place to live. We believe we can all grow and thrive together.

Long-term view is completely self-funded and investor-free. At the same time, we have been partnering up with numerous rising star tech-startups. In return, we have access to amazing online tools to build any online products and services imaginable. 
We are having fun building our unicorn empire quietly and confidently at our own pace while profit is not our concern.

Cutting-edge tech

Our collection of online tools even blows our minds.
All the tools are based on the latest technology. They are fast, secure and intuitive. Here are some of them: web builder, landing-page builder, e-commerce platform, high-speed web hosting, affiliate marketing software, project management platform, form builder, roadmap and knowledge base platform, AI writer, lead management, marketing data management, promotion automation, cookie and privacy policy generator, start-up business plan software, or even financial model software. And many more.